If your boots had eyes

Focus on the experience

Anyone who returns home after a long hiking tour knows that feeling of gratitude. Gratitude for breath­taking days spent in the great outdoors, for spec­tacular moments and for snug boots that safely took the hiker up the mountains and back down again.
Many hikers have a very special rela­tionship with their hiking boots. They are something more than just another pair of shoes in the closet. They are more like a hiking partner and a real companion. For a few, they even become something that can only be described as friends.
Hikers just can’t do without them. The boots fit like a glove and accompany us everywhere – as they should.
Sometimes you wonder: What would the boots say if they could talk? What would they tell us? What have they seen?


With this thought in mind, we focus completely on the experience – from the perspective of the boot. As the facil­itator of countless unique adventures, the boots were with us wherever we ventured and never let us down. True to the motto: A loyal companion is a valuable companion!

What if your boots could see? What have they exper­ienced? What would they tell us? We place the experience at the heart of our work and show the world from the perspective of the boot. In the process, we primarily point out things that our beloved hiking boots have exper­ienced over the years. It does not matter whether you are talking about a brand new pair of boots or grizzled veterans that have covered hundreds of kilo­metres in their lives: The adventures and stories connected to these hiking boots are virtually infinite.

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As part of the celeb­ration of our 100th anniversary, we are placing a very special product family on centre stage. The true classics of the trekking segment: the models RANGER, TREKKER, LADY GTX and LADY Sport. These boots have not only written history at LOWA, but also serve as the prot­ag­onists in numerous stories around the world. You may be a fan of GORE-TEX or a lover of leather boots: Our anniversary collection has the right product for every taste. You will find all information and other details about the models on the product pages.