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It’s snowing! It’s snowing!

Winter hikes cast a magical spell on children. But they certainly will not offer much peace and quiet. The sound of laughing children will fill the air once they take off on their sledges or square off in snowball fights. And, of course, this or that quarrel that may arise as well. All it takes to get the little ones excited about a hike in the winter weather is the right equipment, good tour planning and a few motiv­a­tional tricks. | More …

Winter Kids Oberallgäu

Elegant look for cold winter days. BIANCA GTX

for Kids

LO&WA Winter Iglu

Kids’ corner

Our chil­dren’s corner will provide you will all sorts of inter­esting information about the siblings LO & WA and their friend, the peregrine falcon LOWINGO. See for yourself, discover where the friends love to hang out and hear about all of their adventures! | More …

Schneeschuhtour Brunnenberg,
Riesengebirge, Tschechien.

Tramping through the winter wonderland with a huge pair of feet

Winter is here, whis­pering sweet nothings into your ear about the seductive trails blanketed with the season’s first snow that are just waiting to be explored. And there is no better way to do so than with snowshoes clamped onto your feet. Snow­shoeing is pretty simple to do. But beginners, in particular, should keep a few things in mind: things like the right gear, the threat of avalanches and respect for people and nature. | More …

Schneeschuhtour Brunnenberg,
Riesengebirge, Tschechien.

When your winter adventure is waiting just outside your doorstep … RENEGADE EVO ICE GTX

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Corporate Respons­ibility

You will find few industries that are linked so closely to nature as the outdoor industry. This is why corporate respons­ibility (CR) and sustain­ability have become increasingly important in recent years and have also been incor­porated into LOWA’s company philosophy. | More …

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They’re brand ambas­sadors, fascinating indi­viduals, extreme testers, sources of inspiration and key devel­opment partners. They are the athletes on the LOWA PRO team. LOWA has been working with the elite members of the profes­sional moun­tain­eering community for many years now. | More …